Financiële info

This is a declaration of the overall annual income of Roularta Media Group for the year 2022:

Total annual income: 343,1 million EUR

Sources of income contributing 1% or more:

Subscriptions & Newsstand sales: 44,5%

Publicity & Advertising: 32,7%
– internet: 7,7%
– audiovisual: 1,5%
– print:
* free press: 8,2%
* newspapers: 1,2%
* magazines: 14,4%

Printing for third parties: 12,9%

Line extensions & rights: 9,9%
– exhibitions: 3,8%
– internet content: 1,8%
– books a.o. 4,2%

These details are listed in the presentation of annual results 2022.

And in the annual report 2022.

Income sources online platforms:
Income fact-checking Meta 2022: 219.497 EUR
Income discount platforms 2022: 375.081 EUR

These income sources “online platforms” fall under the heading “publicity and advertising, internet” mentioned above.

For the income from “discount platforms”, we work with a partner called Expert Group ( We offer deals on several products/services (Samsung, Bongo, Farmaline, etc.) on our Knack/Vif discount codes sites. Our partner Expert Group negotiates these deals with the providers. When purchases are made through our discount code sites, we get a commission on the revenue Expert Group generates on them. Expert Group does all the management and customer acquisition.

Subsidies 2022: 2.233.261,09 euro
Subsidies are not recorded under turnover but under “other operating income,” so these amounts are not included in the reported 343.1 million EUR turnover.

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