O F F I C I A L A G E N C Y N O M I N AT I O N O F V A N D O O S S E L A E R E & A C H T E N

It’s our esteemed pleasure to announce Global Liner Agencies BVBA’s official nomination of van Doosselaere & Achten BVBA as agents of Global Liner Agencies BVBA in Belgium.

Global Liner Agencies BVBA is acting as general agent of Care Lines Ltd and Niche Container Line BVBA amongst others, and we are absolutely confident that van Doosselaere & Achten BVBA will be representing Global Liner Agencies BVBA, Care Lines Ltd, Niche Container Line BVBA’s and client’s interests – in the best way possible.

With van Doosselaere & Achten BVBA’s many years of experience in the shipping industry as one of Belgium’s leading shipping agencies.

van Doosselaere & Achten BVBA

Sint Pietersvliet 15, 2000 Antwerpen

Tel: +32 3 220 02 11 l Fax: +32 3 227 09 82 www.vandoosselaere-achten.be l E-mail: vando@vando.be

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