Landis on Boogerd: Now who’s the jellyfish?

(Belga) Floyd Landis has reacted to the news that Michael Boogerd has confessed to doping by telling that the admission is “too little too late”. “Sooner or later these guys will realise that half confessions only lead to confessions about those confessions at a later date.

Landis, who won the Tour de France in 2006 before being stripped of his title for a positive testosterone test, told in an interview in 2011 that he had a blood transfusion done during the Tour, and it resulted in a bruise on his arm. “The next day I rode alongside Michael Boogerd and he pointed to my arm. Then he pointed to his arm and he made a gesture of: ‘I have the exact same thing’,” At the time Boogerd laughed off the accusation stating that he had never taken performance enhancing drugs. “Landis did not say that I’ve used drugs, but he insinuates it. He knows what he did and therefore can only assume that I did the same. Maybe it’s because of our argument in the Tour in 2006. He showed no respect for the yellow jersey and I called him an arrogant jellyfish.” After being stripped of the Tour title in 2006 first place went to Spain’s Oscar Pereiro. Landis later accused the Spaniard of doping during their time at Phonak in 2005, an accusation the Spaniard denied. There are guys who called me a cheater for four years and then a liar for three more. I’m looking forward to Pereiro’s half confession one of these days as well,” (DCM)

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